How To Make Working From Home More Comfortable?

Telecommuting or Working From Home has become prevalent for millions of people around the world, thanks in part to Covid-19.

Striking the right work-life balance for those who are still struggling lies in the ability to;

  1. Create a Dedicated Work Space
  2. Maintain a Routine
  3. Manage specific set Boundaries

Key points you need to adhere to as the long-term effects from the lack of divide between your personal and work lifestyle may ultimately end up hindering your business focus and overall efficiency.

Unless circumstances dictate otherwise if you have a choice DO go to your office; one that is outside the parameters of your home. Final findings from an extensive study conducted by MIT researchers found that employees even in ‘small increases in social cohesiveness lead to a large gain in productivity’.

How to make working from home more comfortable?

>>>  Choose A Dedicated Work Space <<<

Reclaim Your Home!

Don’t work from anywhere in your house. Commit to a specific work area; one that ideally provides lots of natural light, and one that does not involve sitting on a couch or a bed. Allocate a space where at the end of your working day, you can merely walk away, shut the door and mentally switch off.


  • Invest in office furniture such as a desk, bookshelves, and an ergonomically designed chair. Remember to go for comfort when purchasing your new office furniture as you will be spending a lot of time in your new workspace.
  • Invest in the right electronic equipment such as a: laptop, monitor, a phone line (if possible one that is independent of your personal one), and a good set of wireless noise-reduction headphones.
  • Invest in high-quality digital technology and software. Upgrade to a business-grade Virtual Private Network (VPN) for encryption. Keep your business secure from a possible cyber breach.

Today there is a variety of business collaborative and communication tool apps to choose from. They help you stay on task, enable you to collaborate on projects with clients and/or colleagues and keep others informed of your work from home schedule.

These apps such as;

  • ASANA,
  • SLACK,
  • ZOOM,
  • SKYPE,

are mobile-friendly and free to use.

>>> Follow A Routine <<<

Dress For Success!

While the idea of working in your pj’s, perhaps catching up on reruns of missed shows, and binge eating in between your working day can be tempting, develop and stick to a stricter routine. A routine is a form to keep you focused and productive.


  • Take a shower, brush your hair and dress smart casual. Be prepared for that unexpected video conference call with your boss, colleagues or clients.
  • Unless you are constrained by a fixed work schedule, choose your own agenda, and set working hours. This schedule should reflect the hours you are at your most productive.
  • Break up your day, with short but frequent breaks. Re-charge, re-focus, opt for a change of scenery even if just for an hour during your day. Step outside, go for a short walk, go to the gym or perhaps drop into your nearest cafe. Exercise and physical social interaction are good for your overall well being.
  • Pack a healthy lunch and snacks. Scientific data from research conducted by the ‘The British Journal of Health Psychology’, — award-winning social psychologist and founder of Ignite80,– Ron Friedman Ph.D., in his article ‘What You Eat Affects Your Productivity’ for the Harvard Business Review, correlates that ‘the more fruits and vegetables people consumed, the happier, more engaged and more creative they tend to be’.
>>> Set Boundaries <<<

Work to Live, Don’t Live to Work

However, tempting it may be to reply to the incessant emails and complete a week’s tasks in one day, don’t let it take over your personal life. Set specific work hours. At the end of your business day, shut everything down and simply walk away.


  • Stay off social media.
  • Turn off or mute your phone notifications in those hours you are engaged at work.
  • Socialize outside of work with coworkers regularly.

‘Humans are social animals, whose mental health depends upon frequent interaction with others and the outside worldDavid Taylor, Director of Pharmacy and Pathology at the Maudsley Hospital.

The daily physical interaction with like-minded individuals and team members helps in strengthening personal and teamwork relationships.

Coworking spaces promote and enhance a collaborative community.

The sense of community that is experienced by SOHO’s members promotes a stress-free cooperative environment that inspires Creativity and Productivity.

Why SOHO ??

At SOHO we offer flexible and affordable modern office space solutions that meet the needs of today’s business environment.

Our exclusive memberships:

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With a SOHO Coworking Space you get to;

  1. Create and take your pick from any one of our Dedicated Work Spaces.
  2. With 24/7 access to either one of our 3 business centres in St. Julians, Gzira & Sliema you get to Maintain your own Routine.
  3. And through our Community and Networking events you get to Manage your own Boundaries.

What does a SOHO Coworking Office Space offer ??

Over 4.5k sqm of office space spread across 3 buildings, located in the most prominent business districts. SOHO is the largest provider of office space in Malta.

  • Fully Furnished — modern, bright, spacious and ergonomically designed offices ready to move in.
  • Affordable and Flexible — Lease contracts, where clients have the option to upgrade or downgrade to accommodate their business needs.
  • Essential Services — Serviced Reception,
  • High-End Digital Technology, IT Support, Mail and Printing Services.
  • Extra Benefits — SOHO Lunches, Beverages, and Snacks.
  • SOHO Community — SOHO Malta promotes and hosts a series of many social ‘Responsible Events’, including Seminars and Networking events for our members throughout the calendar month year-round.
  • Peace of Mind — CCTV. Round the clock video surveillance and alarm systems throughout.

And more.

For more information on our wide-ranging platform of services;

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Improve your Productivity, Efficiency, and Creativity with a SOHO Shared Office Space.

It Does Make Smart Business Sense.

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