Learn Korean in 15 Minutes with Suna

Are you interested in boosting your brain health by learning a foreign language with other like minded individuals? SOHO has implemented Korean in 15 minutes, an interactive classroom session with teacher and SOHO community manager, Suna Lee.

Our first lesson was a success!

Join us for 15 minute sessions with lessons starting with the basics, then work your way to a master level in the Korean language.

Why learn a foreign language?

Sharpen your mind and boost brain power by absorbing new complexities and patterns found when learning a new language. Not only will you be expanding your knowledge through a new language, but you’ll also improve your mother tongue by implementing new thought patterns.

Open yourself to exclusive networking and business possibilities by joining a new language community.

Attend our upcoming Korean in 15 minutes sessions:

8 Apr 2020, Wed at 4 pm at SOHO The Strand

RSVP email suna@sohomalta.com to book your spot!

거기서 보자!

See you there!

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