Malta Tourism Authority Acquire Manchester United Dream Tourism Deal

Malta has made big news this past week in the UK headlines. The Malta Tourism Authority announced they have just finalized an agreement with football excellence, Manchester United. Featuring an impressive advertising deal spanning a three-year contract period, the transaction has cost the Maltese close to €20 million.

Over the contract period, the Maltese government will pay the sum in installments to the €20 million amount agreed upon, however the fluctuating sterling could slightly change the total tally. Malta Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi and Man Utd have kept the details of the agreement behind closed doors, having cited ‘commercial sensitivity,’ the known information gathered through sources dishes the deal was directly negotiated between Malta Tourism Authority officials and Manchester United’s commercial squad.

Most of the commercial advertisement has been said to take place at Old Trafford stadium.

After the brief announcement to the press regarding the deal from Dr. Mizzi, most took the news with a plethora of reactions. The reach Manchester United has internationally is undeniable, however it seems to hit closer to home for the Maltese.

The Legacy Continues

A nation previously held under the tight grip of British rule for decades before its independence, Malta is currently home to many UK residents. The residual cultural impact is ever-present in today’s common life, with British influence still scattered across the islands.

The Maltese have been long time football fans; one group has just recently celebrated 60 years as ‘The Maltese Supporters Club’. One of the official Manchester United Supporters’ clubs, the group is known to be one of the oldest and most engaged groups the football club has had on its bench.

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The news of the newfound partnership has caused an upstir of excitement on the Maltese islands. However, it has also been noted that the sum is on the generous side for sponsorship money. Experts within the tourism sector have expressed exchanges like these aren’t to be taken lightly, as Manchester United has an immense presence worldwide; although, Malta has been gaining fame in recent years as a luxurious Mediterranean destination island.

What appears to be a winning combination, Malta Tourism Authority seems to have pulled off a deal of the decade; the Maltese Government expressed the agreement as the ‘best ever marketing tool achieved by the authority.’

Visit Malta now joins the 23 other global partners backing Man Utd, among the likes of Chevrolet, Adidas, and Chivas.

“The government will be getting extensive sponsorship rights to advertise the Visit Malta brand on a number of channels, including adverts at Old Trafford during all home matches, the club’s print media and the club’s digital and TV platforms,” a spokesman for the minister said.

Manchester United is considered to be among the elite; as one of the richest football clubs in the world, its commercial department has created several fruitful commercial deals. In just 2016, the clubs commercial department produced €308 million.

Now partnered with Malta Tourism Authority, the islands can surely expect to see an influx of ManUtd fans seek out Malta over the coming years as a top destination spot, increasing the islands worldwide visibility.

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