5 Reasons to Take Over Your Next Private Office This Summer

Summer in Malta is an experience like none other. With hundreds of people landing every day on our sunny island to enjoy the sun and summertime heat, sometimes you need a place to retreat to. What better place to get away from it all that your very own private office? Here’re five reasons on why you should take over your next private office with SOHO this summer.

1. Beat the Heat

We’ve been hanging out in Malta since 2013, these summers are the real deal. At SOHO Offices, we’ve installed AC units in every room. From April until October, you’ll never feel warm again in our offices. Need we say more? 

2. A Quiet Space

Every person who has ever been to Malta has enjoyed the pleasures of listening to the background noise of car horns beeping, and sometimes it’s hard to make that final push at work and get things wrapped up with such a tune to listen to. At SOHO Offices, we’ve designed sound-proof areas to give you the complete quiet you need during your working day to take care of business.

3. 24/7 Access to Office Space

Stuck picking between work or play? Now you don’t have to! With 24/7 access to our business centres, you can work anytime you like without restrictions, which leaves plenty of time to soak up the sun AND finish that presentation for work, without sacrificing another minute of your summer.

4. Everyone is on Vacation

Forget the crowds! Our members love to take vacations during the summer months, so you’ll enjoy an even quieter office space all to yourself to do whatever you want, whenever you like. Except for our receptionists, they’re always here.

5. Summer Means SOHO Promotions

SOHO Offices is offering a summertime promotion like none other! Take the leap and pick your very own private office this summer, and we’ll cover July and August’s rent. Pay your first rent when things cool off in September, enjoy a loaded office experience and stress-free summer with SOHO. You don’t want to miss out on a deal like this!

*Terms and conditions apply. Valid for 12 month private office contracts only.

Book a tour of our awesome office space here: https://sohomalta.com/book-a-tour/

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