Refer a Friend and Win Big!

Having a friend in the workplace can be a great bonus. Knowing someone in the office creates more of a fun environment, it cuts the cost of transit because now you can carpool, and you’re already always speaking about your workday, so wouldn’t it be nice to have your friend actually know what’s going on because they lived it, too?

It has always been considered work and play are kept separate, but the conventional way of thinking has been thrown out of the window with the rise of the millennial generation. Companies are finding their young employees thriving in the workplace because of these friendly relationships.  “Gallup found that those who had a best friend at the office were 43% more likely to receive praise for their work. A separate study found that 46% of professionals around the world believe work friends are central to their overall happiness.” (Kaytie Zimmerman,

At SOHO Malta, we want all of our members to thrive at their peak capacity. We’re always looking for new ways to improve our office space, so we’ve decided to implement the Refer A Friend program. By referring a friend to SOHO Malta’s services, not only are you getting the huge bonus of having a pal in the office, but you’ll also receive up to €500 in cool cash or SOHO discounts!* Referrals are valid for private offices or dedicated desk memberships only.

*Rules and terms apply. For more information drop by our reception, or contact us [email protected]

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