SOHO Attends Coworking Europe 2019 in Warsaw, Poland

The Coworking Europe Conference kicks off this week during November 13th-15th in Warsaw, Poland, featuring more than 600 professionals from 55+ countries who are immersed in the realm of coworking.

The Coworking Europe Conference is the largest international event exclusively dedicated to the world of coworking. It brings together the community managers, industry giants, investors, office developers, and those propelling coworking to the forefront of the business revolution to discuss a common passion for coworking.

Coworking Europe 2019 will feature keynote speeches, masterclasses, workshops, and essential networking which will provide the attendees insight on how other coworking spaces around the world are operating. It’s a great opportunity to exchange experience of running coworking spaces across different countries.

The aim of this year’s conference is perspective; there are several main topics which will be discussed during the conference, such as:

  • Different trends found in coworking
  • Future of coworking spaces
  • The main industry impacts
  • Importance of business community
  • Correlation between coworking and other businesses

All of this opens the conversation for the future of coworking to propel even further forward.

SOHO couldn’t be more thrilled to take part in this great conference, giving us an amazing opportunity to learn how other coworking spaces make their diverse spaces work for them and their communities. At SOHO, we are always working hard to find new ways to add more value for our members.

We know how important it is to create a strong business community with sustainable growth. Here at SOHO, our aim is to bring people together, connect businesses, and create opportunities for collaboration. SOHO’s doors are opened not only for local businesses, but for anybody who are ready to invest and contribute in Malta.

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