SOHO Hikes Episode

At SOHO, we want to provide our members with exclusive experiences not only in the working space but also outside of it. Hosting SOHO Hikes once a month, we aim to create an alternative community dynamic where everybody feels good and relaxed.

Introducing SOHO’s newest project, SOHO Hikes, the concept behind the idea is for people to get to know each other through exercise while exploring Malta’s backyard, together. It is a great way to refresh your mind, get some physical activity, and socialize at the same time. 

During the first SOHO Hikes Episode, we decided to visit a Xemxija Heritage Trail, which is indeed as exciting and spectacular as it sounds. It is a very peaceful and undemanding place, allowing those at every pace to comfortably enjoy the hike. 

It is likely you will be amazed by the unusual Maltese nature as you clear your mind with the fresh air and exciting trails. Our chosen trail featured historic Roman baths, the oldest tree in Malta, and several breath-taking views!

We found this hike to be a great success – we all had a lot of fun and created an extraordinary Saturday for all of the SOHO management team and our members, a great memory to kick off 2020! 

We are already looking forward to our second hike next month, with new SOHO members joining too!

Any inquiries regarding SOHO Hikes Episode, contact +356 9914 4414

Email: [email protected]

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