SOHO Office Space App is Here!

Santa has brought SOHO Office a really nice Christmas gift with a little advance this year!

We are excited to announce that our own branded SOHO community app is now LIVE on App Store and Google Play, for all members across all our office spaces!

Easy to download, user-friendly, and time saving, this app is super convenient for all SOHO members. You can use it to connect with the community via the message boards, search the members directory, book conference rooms, and manage your membership, profile, and account all in one place. All SOHO updates, news articles, up-coming events, special offers, and day-to-day activities will be as well posted in the app homepage so you can stay up to date with our amazing community!

How to get started

To get your online SOHO experience started, your Office administrator will ask you to complete the on-boarding form for new members. Once our team has received this information, we can create your basic profile and invite you to the SOHO Office Community application and communication channels.

It is important to remember, that the email provided in the on-boarding form will be used for Slack channel invitations, for our community application, and be the main point of contact should the SOHO team need to reach you. Please choose carefully between your preferred email address (SOHO team recommend supplying your work email, to stay connected).

Once the SOHO team has generated a simple profile, you will shortly receive an activation link to the provided email address. The email will consist of a notification to change the temporary password within 24 hours to activate your SOHO Office Space account, or else the link will become invalid. Once creating your new password, you will be input into the SOHO Office Community workspace.

Please note that in the case you already are a member of SOHO Community and have an RnD Connect account with us, you can log into SOHO Office Space app with the same email address and password used for this platform.

Should you wish to download the app directly to your mobile device, members can search for SOHO Office Space in the respective Google Play [Android] or iOS App store [Apple] for download. Should you prefer to use the desktop application, you can simply log in here.  

App Features

Once logged into the application, there are many channels for our members to explore.

From the get-go, members will first notice on the homepage the workspace feed – this is where the SOHO team can share updates, events, and messages to all SOHO members.


Your options for navigation on the menu are:

Office: This page is all things about SOHO Office. Find fellow members and their companies in your respective location or across SOHO, check your member benefits in our community, and events at SOHO.

*On the desktop application, this is split up in separate tabs as ‘Members,’ ‘Events,’ and ‘Benefits.’

Bookings: Book meeting rooms smoothly and quickly! Track your monthly usage, check meeting room availability, or book a meeting room in another SOHO Location.

*Shown as ‘Meeting Rooms’ on desktop application. 

Inbox: Find messages sent by the SOHO team regarding updates and events, or send messages to fellow members!

*Shown as ‘Messages’ on desktop application. 

Account: Change your name, upload that beautiful photo, and make general profile and account changes here.

*Shown as ‘Profile’ on desktop application, or can be reached by selecting your profile photo, and then ‘Profile’.

Stay connect with the SOHO community through the app created for you!

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