SOHO Presents The Beer Pong Series: Part II

Friday afternoon SOHO Office Space launched The Beer Pong Series.  Featuring a fresh group of new members and seasoned SOHO alumni, our event was a huge hit.

The Battle

With a lineup no one could be prepared for, ‘The Swedes’ kicked off the opening game in the series against our SOHO Italian Stallions, ‘Andreaseperso’ (roughly translated to Andrea is lost.)

The Swedes vs. Andreaseperso

Through a nail biting game, ‘The Swedes’ came out on top, eliminating ‘Andreaseperso.’

Many SOHO members spectated the sport affair over Aperol and salty snacks; enjoying socializing with new members and old, everyone was able to come together for the final game: an all Canadian dream-team championship.

A nail-biter till the end!

The winners of the tournament overcame many hardships to reach the final. A new team formed as a result of both members original teammates resigning, nobody could have been prepared for what was to come in the final match.

This was redemption.

With two back-to-back shots from our winners, finishing the game with a crushing blow to ‘Yeetus’, our excited patrons exploded with the celebration from the reception and lounge area.

The winners were crowned with medals and a beer glass trophy, able to hold a whopping 2 ½ pints.

We’re all excited for the next installment, with a refreshed sense of redemption and excitement instilled into our members.

The winning team with their awesome prizes.

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