SOHO TALKS #1: Killing Bitcoin

SOHO Office Space is thrilled to announce our newest networking event series: SOHO TALKS! SOHO TALKS is an event curated for business owners, entrepreneurs, digital nomads, self employed professionals, freelancers, and individuals looking to expand their business knowledge while networking with industry professionals. 

The first edition of SOHO TALKS was held on Wednesday, February 23rd at our SOHO The Strand business centre. We were joined by guest speaker, Jonathan Galea, as he discussed his take on Killing Bitcoin: The death of Bitcoin can be said to be greatly exaggerated, with hundreds of headlines over the past 13 years predicting its death, and constantly being disproven and defied. As the IMF famously stated in a report: “Yet, it lives on”. Why is this, and what is the true value of Bitcoin?

During the event we enjoyed networking with individuals within the crypto community, fellow SOHO Members, and individuals joining us for the first time at SOHO. Jonathan shared great knowledge and thought-provoking questions regarding the Bitcoin space, financial institutions position on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, all while creating an interactive environment during his TALK. 

About the Speaker 

Jonathan Galea is a lawyer who has been deeply involved in the crypto industry since 2013, having realised its potential in opening up the world of finance to those that have, up until now, been excluded from participating therein.

Through his firm, Jonathan has worked on some of the best-known crypto projects in the world, and has also advised various governments on regulatory matters. Whenever not geeking out on the latest tech trends, you will find him enjoying the great outdoors, or at your nearest BBQ.

Are you interested in being a speaker at the next SOHO TALKS? Contact the SOHO Events team today.