SOHO TALKS #2: Cybersecurity Stocks in the Next Cold War

SOHO Office Space is thrilled to announce our newest networking event series: SOHO TALKS! SOHO TALKS is an event curated for business owners, entrepreneurs, digital nomads, self employed professionals, freelancers, and individuals looking to expand their business knowledge while networking with industry professionals.

The second edition of SOHO TALKS was held on Wednesday, April 6th at our SOHO The Strand business centre. During the second instalment of SOHO TALKS, we were joined by Ruzbeh Bacha of CityFalcon, as he discussed Cybersecurity Stocks in the Next Cold War.

In our globalised, always-online world, everything from your smartphone to banking infrastructure are connected via the public internet – this is efficient and convenient, but it’s also a huge attack surface. With the US-China decoupling and a newly belligerent Russia, a Cold War in the 21st Century is being set up and cybersecurity firms are on the frontlines.

During the TALK we discussed companies to track and buy in the cybersecurity sector using the concepts of value and growth investing. Ruzbeh shared examples of popular cyber security stocks over recent years and how they have been affected by recent current events, and what the future of the sector holds during turbulent times.  

Towards the end of the TALK we were joined by an additional guest speaker, Rob Jones, Founder of NoID Solutions. NoID Solutions is a revolutionary secure email tool, which uses privacy and security by design principles instead of the now 50 year old “anyone, can email anything to anyone whether they want it or not” concept. They move your information from A to B securely. Rob Jones presented their interesting technology to our attendees and answered audience questions regarding the importance of securing your data. 

About the Speaker 

A fellow SOHO Member, Ruzbeh is the Founder and CEO of CityFalcon, a fintech company that transforms unstructured financial content into structured data, generates analytics, extracts insights, and delivers personalised data to users and clients via web, mobile, API, voice, and chatbot platforms. Ruzbeh has extensive experience in the markets, having invested for over 20 years.

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