SOHO TALKS #3: How to Get More Clients Than You Can Handle Even If You Hate Marketing & Selling

SOHO Office Space is thrilled to announce our newest networking event series: SOHO TALKS! SOHO TALKS is an event curated for business owners, entrepreneurs, digital nomads, self employed professionals, freelancers, and individuals looking to expand their business knowledge while networking with industry professionals. 

The third edition of SOHO TALKS was held on Wednesday, May 4th at our SOHO The Strand business centre. During the third instalment of SOHO TALKS, we were joined by legendary guest speaker, Matthew Kimberley, CEO of Book Yourself Solid® Worldwide. 

During the TALK, Matthew Kimberley shared his best tips and tricks on how to Book Yourself Solid: How to Get More Clients Than You Can Handle Even If You Hate Marketing & Selling. 

Matthew started the TALK with the story of his business journey, later touching on his experiences in business with humor in a way that the attendees could relate to. Matthew’s TALK was designed for established business owners, people who are looking to take the next step in starting a business, self employed professionals, entrepreneurs, and everyone in-between. 

During the remainder of the TALK, Matthew shared with the attendees his systematic approach to attracting, converting, and retaining clients that can be mastered by anybody who’s allergic to traditional sales and marketing practices and wants to work exclusively with clients who energize them and inspire them. By using Matthews core concepts behind setting yourself up for having a ridiculously good time in your business, you’ll find it’s possible to fall madly in love with the work you do.

About the Speaker 

Matthew Kimberley was running a technology recruitment company in Belgium back in 2007 when he discovered Book Yourself Solid®, a best-selling business book with over a million copies sold worldwide. He liked what he saw so much, he gave up recruitment and bought the company. 

Matthew is the CEO of Book Yourself Solid® Worldwide, the author of Get A F*cking Grip, Creator of Delightful Emails, Founder of the School for Selling, and Host of the Marketing for Coaches podcast.

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