What is a Fully Serviced Office Space?

As the world begins to transition back into office-based work as the Covid-19 pandemic withers, the way we work has changed forever: The demand for an alternative workspace solution is of high value in today’s world. Serviced office spaces are a flexible workspace solution used by business owners seeking the utmost flexibility from a workspace while remaining cost-effective. 

Fully serviced office spaces are increasingly in demand as self-employed persons, freelancers, business owners, and digital nomads are flocking towards the most flexible workspace options. 

Are you interested in taking control of when and where you work in today’s world? Continue reading to discover the world of fully serviced office spaces, who uses these unique workspaces, and how serviced office spaces can benefit your business. 

What is a fully serviced office space?

A serviced office space is a workspace that provides office or desk space, wide-ranging facilities, and amenities all on a pay-per-use basis. Serviced office spaces are a flexible workspace solution suitable for companies of all sizes at any stage of their development. 

Serviced office providers supply in-house facilities and administration services to assist your business, such as:

  • Access to private Meeting rooms & Conference spaces;
  • A reception team to welcome clients, answer phone calls, manage your mail, plus other administrative services on your companies behalf;
  • Cleaning & Maintenance teams to provide upkeep of the business centre.

All arranged by the operator of the business centre.

Who should rent a fully serviced office space?

An excellent feature of serviced office spaces is the diversity within the business centre. Serviced offices provide the perfect playground for small and large businesses alike, as well as self employed persons looking for a more social workspace. Within the serviced office you’ll also find:

  • Start-up businesses;
  • Freelancers;
  • Remote workers; 
  • Project or location-based teams;
  • Businesses experiencing growth;
  • Digital Nomads.

SOHO Office Space is Malta’s leading serviced office space provider; Featuring 3 central locations, 80+ private offices, 28+ coworking desks, and countless spaces for hot desking, business owners have unlimited options for serviced workspace in Malta with SOHO.

Unlock access to SOHO’s network of over 500+ members and exclusive amenities, including:

and much more.

Private Office 

Featuring 80+ private office suites, SOHO Office Space provides offices sized for teams of 1, up to 45 persons. Private offices can be rented for a period of 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months, based on your business needs. 1 year private office rentals provide tenants the option to utilize the SOHO Address as their registered business address of the company in Malta. Private offices are fully equipped with desks and office chairs, Internet throughout, and 24/7 keycard access. 

Dedicated Desk 

Dedicated desk memberships at SOHO provide individuals with a full-time desk space in the open coworking area, where individuals can leave their belongings and access the workspace on a 24/7 basis. Dedicated desks can be rented on a 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, or 12 month basis. 1 year dedicated desk rentals provide tenants the option to utilize the SOHO Address as their registered business address of the company in Malta.

Hot Desk

Hot desk memberships provide individuals with access to a flexible desk space in the coworking area on a first come first served basis, or access to any open area within the business centre which can be used as a workspace, such as business lounges. Individuals can access the business centre between working reception hours (Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 5:30pm). Hot desks can be rented per day, week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or on a 12 month basis.

Meeting Room 

SOHO Office Space provides meeting room conveniences for in-house members and individuals outside of the SOHO Community for booking. Meeting rooms across the SOHO Locations can accommodate teams of 1 up to 10 persons, with each room featuring internet throughout, TV’s with HDMI cables and webcams, whiteboards, sound-proofing, and curtains which can be drawn to give privacy within the space. Meeting rooms are available for rent by the hour during working reception hours (Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 5:30pm).

Event Space

SOHO Office Space evolves space into an experience. Offering two remarkably designed event venues, individuals can rent the spaces for any occasion with the option to add-on various catering packages. Event venue located at SOHO The Strand highlights a rooftop terrace, overlooking the Ta ‘XBiex marina. Featuring a flexible lounge set up, this modern space can host up to 45 persons seated, and about 150 persons standing. Individuals can enjoy a fire pit, in-house bar conveniences, two terrace spaces, a mounted screen and projector, and a BBQ area. SOHO The Strand event venue is available for rent by the hour, starting from €125/hour + VAT. 

Event venue at SOHO Savoy Gardens is ideal for conference style meetings or presentations, accommodating up to 40 persons within the space seated in a theatre style set up. Within the venue individuals can utilize a mounted screen and projector, dedicated bathrooms, a games area, lounge seating, or enjoy the fully equipped kitchen as a breakout space during the booking. SOHO Savoy Gardens event venue can be rented on a half day (4 hours – €350 + VAT) or a full day (8 hours – €500 +VAT)

Do I pay business rates on a serviced office?

With serviced office spaces, business rates are usually included with the monthly rental fees. This typically covers utility fees, usage of the business centre, and using the address of the property. For business owners looking to cut out the overheads which comes with a traditional office space, owners should consider a coworking or serviced office space provider.

What is a managed service office?

Managed serviced offices are a cost effective workspace solution for business owners on a budget. Managed offices provide all of the benefits of a traditional office space, however all of the overhead costs are managed by a third party. Managed offices typically account for staffed reception services, cleaning and maintenance services, kitchen and lunch areas, and meeting rooms, while providing flexible lease agreements for its users. 

What do you need to focus on when you choose your fully serviced office space? 

As a business owner, you need to choose the right office space to support your employees and your business activities. Before choosing your fully serviced office space provider, a business owner needs to consider what their business requirements are from the workspace. 

A business owner should first focus on the location of the serviced office space: Is the serviced office within the districts your business activities can thrive in? Does the location provide exclusivity for your business based on the address? 

A business owner should then focus on the type of office spaces offered from the serviced office space provider: Do they support the option to upgrade your workspace as your business grows? Is there furniture provided within the office space? Is there a suitable internet connection? 

Benefits of a fully serviced office space

Serviced office spaces are a flexible workspace solution for companies of all sizes. These spaces provide comfortable work environments that can accommodate any business needs. At any stage of their development, companies should consider serviced office space as an alternative workspace to the conventional office. It helps to optimize time, costs, and efficiency.


Serviced office spaces provide its users utmost flexibility out of the workspace. Individuals utilizing serviced office spaces typically enjoy 24/7 access to the workspace, allowing its users the option to work whenever they want. Serviced office spaces also provide flexible lease agreements, compared to rigid, long agreements typically found in traditional office space. Business owners who opt for serviced offices can take comfort in the flexibility to sign shorter term leases, providing the option to extend monthly, quarterly, or yearly in an ever changing economy.


There are several factors that go into running a business, the daunting task of finding an office space shouldn’t take away from what really matters: Your business activities. Serviced office spaces take into account all of the overheads and time-consuming factors of managing a workspace, leaving business owners time to focus on their business, rather than arranging and maintaining an office space. 


Serviced office spaces are cost-effective solutions businesses in any stage of their development should consider. Serviced office providers take into account the costs of daily cleaning, regular maintenance, electricity and water fees, as well as staffed personnel in the business centre, majorly saving on costs a business owner would need to take into account when renting a conventional office space. 

Extra amenities

Many serviced office space providers offer exclusive amenities within the business centre, offering companies and employees utilizing their workspaces the option to maintain a healthy work-life balance. SOHO Office Space offers its community of 500+ members:

  • Gym & Sauna;
  • Free Gym Classes;
  • Exclusive Members lounge;
  • In-house bar; 
  • Padel Courts;
  • Games Rooms;
  • Cafe; 
  • BBQ area.

And much more. 


One can find individuals from all walks of life within a serviced office space. Serviced office space providers routinely host various community and networking events within the business centre and the local community, in efforts to build a tight-knit community. Apart from weekly events, there are endless opportunities to network within a serviced office space due to the various companies utilizing the workspace. 

SOHO Office Space hosts weekly community & networking events tailored to the members of our community. Members can enjoy events such as SOHO TALKS, weekly Friday drinks in the Members Lounge, Hikes, and much more.


With the perception of traditional office space changing, the serviced office space and coworking industry is transforming into a space of flexibility, opportunity, and success. The concept is so attractive due to its flexibility, cost-effectiveness, networking opportunities, and time saving factors, it’s enticing entrepreneurs to dive into the coworking experience and reap the benefits, while leaving behind the conventional way of office life. 

As the industry expands, SOHO Office Space will continue leading the way in serviced office space experiences. 

Contact the SOHO Team today to receive your customized, fully serviced office space quote.