Back to SOHO: Members Feedback

We’re happy to see SOHO offices slowly becoming alive and filled with members after a few months of working from home.

We decided to talk to a few of them and find out how it feels to be back in the office and whether they feel safe working from SOHO offices now.

We asked a few SOHO members 3 simple questions:

  1. How does it feel to be back to SOHO?
  2. Why did you decide to come back now?
  3. Do you feel safe working from the office now?

Read their responses below…

1. How does it feel to be back to SOHO?

“It happened that my first day back in SOHO was on Friday and it felt double great to be able to see friends I haven’t seen for a few months and grab a drink with them after work.”  – Hubert S. (SOHO St. Julian’s)

“It feels great! I’m happy to be back! Even though working from home wasn’t that difficult as I thought it would be, I still felt isolated. Coming back to the office showed me how important it is to have people around and be a part of community.”  – Prash P. (SOHO St. Julian’s)

“Feels good. I’m much more productive in the office and get more work done. Plus, I was happy to see other SOHO members and chat to them over lunch at Members Lounge. After weeks of isolation, it feels great to see SOHO coming back to normal with some new traditions.” – Lionel (SOHO The Strand)

“Relieved. I can focus on my days work without any of the distractions I was having working at home, also so happy to see fellow SOHO Members!” – Emelie H. (SOHO St. Julian’s) 

2. Why did you decide to come back now?

“I missed my co-workers and felt lack of social life, so as soon as I saw that situation is stabilizing in Malta in general, I decided it’s time for me to come back to the office. Besides, I like the idea of take away lunches for SOHO members, so if I see something that I love in the menu it motivates me to come to the office.” – Hubert S. (SOHO St. Julian’s)

“Two reasons… Firstly, my business became really busy with many everyday calls. With all my family staying at home, it is much more comfortable for me to conduct calls from the office or from a meeting room. And secondly, while still being very careful, I became more confident that the risk to be infected is much slower now. If all SOHO members and SOHO staff will keep taking necessary precautions, we will all stay safe.”
– Prash P. (SOHO St. Julian’s)

“It was hard for me to focus on work at home. I was less productive and less motivated. I missed a proper office set up and comfortable environment for work. As soon as I realized that I can work safely from SOHO, I decided to come back.” – Lionel (SOHO The Strand)

“I’m feeling much safer now as COVID has progressed and seeing precautions taken by SOHO and around Malta has made me feel ready to come back to the office.” – Emelie H. (SOHO St. Julian’s)

3. Do you feel safe working from the office now?

“I feel safe at SOHO and not afraid to get Coronavirus, but with all construction and road works going on around the office a bit worried about the building itself” – says Hubert S. (SOHO St. Julian’s) with a smile.

“Totally. Wouldn’t get back to the office otherwise.” – Prash P. (SOHO St. Julian’s)

“I feel safe at SOHO. Glad to see that SOHO management is taking the whole situation very seriously, can see they are following the guidelines from health authority and are taking necessary steps to prevent the spread of the virus.”  – Lionel (SOHO The Strand)

“Yes, I see the SOHO team taking many precautions in the office every day so I feel very safe coming here.” – Emelie (SOHO St. Julian’s)

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