Great community is a key to successful coworking environment.

Discover the SOHO Community!

Customer retention is a key point to our success!

Here at SOHO, we’re focusing on creating a close-knit community and bringing a diverse atmosphere inside the SOHO business centres.

Our SOHO Community is comprised of 300+ members from all over the world.

By organizing weekly SOHO events in all three locations, we create an opportunity where our members can meet, engage, and socialize. 

"We provide a whole spectrum of benefits beyond just a desk to work from for our members. We work hard to create a “home-away-from-home” office where people are as comfortable just to hang out as they are to focus on work. I’m convinced that it is the community feel that has been essential to our success. It is key for both individual consultants, small companies and even large-scale companies."
Michael Pedersen
SOHO Director

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