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Coming Events

Show me the VALUE

Join us September 3rd for a night of networking and financial insights, CityFALCON will be sponsoring free drinks and snacks. Doors open at 6:30pm!

Speak Korean in 15 min

Join us for a workshop on how to learn Korean in 15 minutes with our Community Manager, Suna!

Lunch Break

Together, Enjoy SOHO's Healthy Plant-Based Pasta every Wednesday at SOHO Savoy Gardens.

Past Events

SOHO Art & iGaming

Join us for a night of art, iGaming, and drinks at our Savoy Gardens location this Friday. Enjoy great talks from some of our resident iGaming bosses, backdropped by beautiful Maltese art. You don't want to miss it! Starting from 5:30pm.

SOHO Beer Pong Tournament

Are you and your company competitive? Come and show your beer pong skills this Friday (28th June) at SOHO St. Julian's for a fun and ambitious tournament. The winning team will be awarded with a surprise, don't miss out!
We are starting at 4:30pm!

Show me the VALUE

"We want to help people to start thinking about saving, investing and ultimately financial independence."

Revolution of Digital Transformation

SOHO Member Changi Consulting hosts our next SOHO event on Friday, September 13th! Join us for a night of networking, great conversation, a delicious variety of pizza, and of course, drinks!

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