Great community is a key to successful coworking environment

Discover the SOHO Community!

Customer retention is a key point to success!

With Malta plagued by the high level of staff turnover, employee’s happiness is a crucial part of any company’s strategy for a social and professional plan. We’re not an exception…

Here at SOHO, we’re focusing on creating a close-knit community and bringing a diverse atmosphere inside the SOHO business centres.

All good workspaces need to have flow, to have space for collaboration and creativity, to have that feel-good community factor. At SOHO, we have managed to find the right balance of these essential elements.

By organizing weekly SOHO events in all three locations, we create an opportunity where our members can meet, engage, and socialize. 

"Community is the key word.
The difference between having an office, and having an office building, is the opportunity for community and networking. We have three business centres now, so obviously we’re talking about employee happiness and retention. It is important for us to make sure that SOHO members enjoy being in the office, like community events, and appreciate their work environment.
We simply want them to have a good time!"
Michael Petersen
SOHO Director

Our SOHO Community is comprised of 300+ members from all over the world.

Our goal is to connect open-minded, ambitious entrepreneurs and visionaries who’re open to work together, share ideas, collaborate, and build business and social relationships.

With that in mind, in each SOHO location we organise weekly events for SOHO members.

Types of events: business lunches, social meetups, presentations, workshops, networking drinks, private parties, outdoor activities, and more.

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Example of Ongoing Events

Join an Afternoon tea break at SOHO The Strand

Enjoy Smoothies at SOHO St. Julian’s

Don’t miss pasta lunches at SOHO Savoy Gardens

Experience annual SOHO Parties

Sign up for ultimate SOHO Beer Pong competition

Take part in SOHO Networking events

Come by for a drink during our Gincident event

Check out SOHO lunches at the Members Lounge

Explore Malta during SOHO hikes

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