Company Formation

Establishing a registered business entity enhances your credibility and market presence.
Company formation is a critical step in establishing your business's legal identity and structure.

Choosing the right partner for company formation services is crucial for unlocking your business’s potential.

Establishing a registered business entity enhances your credibility and market presence. It demonstrates professionalism and commitment to legal compliance, which can positively impact customer trust, supplier relationships, and investor confidence. 

Our trusted partners can guide you in selecting the most suitable structure based on your business goals, risk factors, and tax implications.


Choose SOHO’s trusted partner for your company formation needs and gain access to a range of services: 

  • Preparation of Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Submission of Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Registration for Income Tax
  • Registration for VAT 
  • Set up of a Maltese company
  • Tailor-made company registration (name of your choice)
  • Ready-made company (off the shelf) available for purchase and immediate trading 

Our preferred partner’s services are not only limited to Malta: Thanks to their international networks, our partners can also assist with forming and managing companies outside of Malta.

Scalability and growth are facilitated by a well-thought-out company structure. 

Company formation is a critical step in establishing your business’s legal identity and structure. Our trusted partners specialize in providing comprehensive company formation services tailored to meet your specific needs and requirements.

Choose our partner to help you lay a solid foundation for future expansion, mergers, acquisitions, or changes in ownership structure.
Ensure that your business is adaptable and ready for new opportunities as they arise.





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Company formation services refer to the process of legally establishing a new business entity. This includes registering the business with the appropriate government authorities, obtaining necessary licenses and permits, and defining the structure and governance of the company. 

The process of company formation involves several key steps, including choosing the right business structure such as a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company (LLC), or corporation. Each structure has its own legal and tax implications, and our partners experts can guide you in selecting the most suitable option based on your business goals and requirements.

Company formation services also include drafting and filing legal documents, such as articles of incorporation or partnership agreements, with the relevant authorities. These documents outline the ownership, management, and operational details of the company, providing a solid foundation for its future operations.

Additionally, our partners’ company formation services extend beyond just establishing businesses in Malta. Thanks to their membership in international networks, our partners can assist in the formation and management of non-Maltese companies as well. This global reach ensures that they can cater to the needs of businesses looking to operate on a global scale.

By choosing our preferred partner’s company formation services, you can benefit from expert guidance, compliance with legal requirements, efficient processing of paperwork, and peace of mind knowing that your business is set up correctly from the start. Contact us today to learn more about how our partners’ company formation services can help you establish a strong and legally compliant business entity.

As an entrepreneur, navigating the complexities of starting a new business can be daunting. That’s where company formation services come in to simplify the process and ensure legal compliance for your venture. Here are compelling reasons why you need professional company formation services:

Legal Compliance: Company formation involves adhering to various legal requirements, such as registering your business with government authorities, obtaining licenses and permits, and drafting legal documents. Professional services ensure that you meet all legal obligations without overlooking crucial details.

Structural Decisions: Choosing the right business structure is critical for your company’s success and tax efficiency. Company formation experts can guide you in selecting between options like sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company (LLC), or corporation based on your business goals and needs.

Tax Optimization: Different business structures have varying tax implications. Company formation services help you structure your business in a tax-efficient manner, potentially saving you money and reducing your tax liabilities.

Asset Protection: Certain business structures, such as LLCs and corporations, offer limited liability protection, separating personal and business assets. This shields your personal assets from business debts and legal liabilities, providing crucial financial protection.

Credibility and Trust: Operating as a registered business entity enhances your credibility with customers, suppliers, and investors. It demonstrates professionalism, commitment to compliance, and transparency, which are essential for building trust and attracting business opportunities.

Global Expansion: If you plan to expand your business globally, professional company formation services can assist in navigating international regulations, setting up subsidiaries or branches, and complying with cross-border legal requirements.

Efficiency and Expertise: Outsourcing company formation to experts saves you time, effort, and potential errors. Experienced professionals understand the intricacies of legal procedures and can expedite the process while ensuring accuracy and completeness.

By leveraging company formation services, entrepreneurs can kickstart their businesses with confidence, knowing that they have a solid legal and structural foundation in place.

Investing in professional company formation services is a crucial step for entrepreneurs seeking to establish a solid foundation for their business ventures. Here are additional key benefits of investing in company formation services:

Operational Efficiency: Proper company formation streamlines your business operations. For instance, setting up clear corporate governance structures and defining roles and responsibilities upfront can prevent internal conflicts and ensure smooth day-to-day operations as your business grows.

Brand Protection and Identity: Company formation includes registering your business name and brand trademarks. This protects your brand identity from unauthorized use and infringement, safeguarding your reputation and market position in the long run.

Investor Confidence: Properly structured companies are more attractive to investors and potential partners. Whether seeking funding from venture capitalists or strategic partnerships, being a registered and compliant entity instills confidence in stakeholders and increases your chances of securing investment and collaboration opportunities.

Employee Recruitment and Retention: Being a registered business with clear policies and benefits can attract top talent to your company. Offering employee benefits such as retirement plans, health insurance, and stock options becomes easier with proper company formation, enhancing your ability to recruit and retain skilled professionals.

Succession Planning and Exit Strategies: Company formation services can help plan for the future of your business, including succession planning and exit strategies. Whether you plan to pass on your business to family members or sell it in the future, having a well-structured company makes transitions smoother and more manageable.

Industry-Specific Compliance: Different industries have unique regulatory requirements. Company formation services tailored to your industry ensure compliance with specific regulations and standards, reducing the risk of penalties, legal issues, and business interruptions.

By investing in company formation services, entrepreneurs gain a competitive edge, operational efficiency, brand protection, investor confidence, and access to growth opportunities tailored to their industry and business goals. Contact us today to learn more about how our preferred partners’ company formation services can benefit your entrepreneurial journey.

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