Internal currency at SOHO Office

At the beginning of March 2020, SOHO introduced SOHO Currency.

We gathered all the questions from our members, and created a FAQ with detailed replies to make sure everybody understands how the internal currency works, and what benefits it has for SOHO Office and its members.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – SOHO Currency.

  • What is SOHO Currency?

SOHO Currency are tokens made specifically for catering services or events inside SOHO The Strand premises.

  • Where and when can I use SOHO tokens?

SOHO tokens can be used at SOHO Members Lounge (café) to pay for food and drinks during working days and during events hosted at SOHO The Strand.

  • What is the conversion rate?

1 token = 1 euro (VAT is included)

  • What are the values of SOHO currency?

We offer tokens with the value 1,2 and 5.

  • Are there any hidden fees?

No hidden fees or extra charges. The price is including VAT.

  • Where can I buy tokens?

Tokens are available for purchase at the reception at any SOHO location, or at the SOHO Management office located at The Strand (level 3).

  • What are the payment options?

You can buy tokens by cash, credit / debit card, or add to your company’s monthly invoice (form has to be signed by company owner).

  • Who can use tokens?

All SOHO members or event guests can use tokens.

  • Can SOHO tokens expire?

No! They can be used at any time in the future.

  • Can SOHO tokens be used to pay for other services apart from food and drinks?

No. They can only be used at SOHO Members Lounge for catering services.

  • Why did we decide to introduce SOHO currency?

For your convenience and faster operations.

We hope that this idea will assist us in providing our members more efficient and faster services.

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