Malta Tech Week: Delta Summit & Playcon 2019

Delta Summit

DELTA Summit 2019 kicks off Malta’s first ever Malta Tech Week; featuring a summit dedicated to Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Cryptocurrency, and newly added to the panel, Esports and GameDev.

As Malta continues to establish itself as a hub for emerging tech companies, the islands have catapulted itself to the forefront of the tech revolution.

The Summit will occur from October 2nd until October 4th, aiming to provide an experience for companies of all sizes from all over the world to advocate technology at its highest form.

The panel will feature several of the top CEO’s in the industries and talks from some of Malta’s core government figures are also on the agenda.

See the full agenda here:


Malta has fast become a leader in the video game and Esport industry, providing a hub for companies to expand their reach in the sector. With the video game industry growth surpassing the film and music industry combined, the sector is certainly thriving.

Malta has introduced its first ever game development and Esports expo, Playcon, happening this week from Oct. 3rd – 6th.

Branching on the Delta Summit, Playcon is a platform for some of the video game and Esport industry enthusiasts to congregate in a space to compete in Esports competitions, sit in on keynote speeches from international speakers, and an exhibition floor featuring both local and foreign companies immersed in the realm.

The expo is set to have 8,000 attendees, 40 guest speakers, 250 players, and 50 exhibitors.

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