SOHO is Coronavirus free again [22.09.2020]

A quick update regarding Coronavirus situation at SOHO Offices at the end of September.

The members who were tested positive 3 weeks ago have been isolated and did not attend SOHO premises. Both of them have recovered, feeling good and their repeated tests came back negative.

We are also glad to inform you that there have not been any new cases of Coronavirus reported at SOHO Offices.

Please remember the new COVID-19 measures introduced by SOHO at the beginning of September, following government guidelines.

Wearing face masks in the common areas is a mandatory rule in SOHO.

Common areas include:

  • kitchen area
  • reception area
  • members lounge
  • hallways
  • lifts
  • bathrooms


– (a) Members seated in co-working area are not obliged to wear masks when at their desks.
– (b) Members are not required to wear masks when seated in dining areas.
– (c) Members are not obliged to wear masks inside their offices.

All visitors must have their temperature checked at the reception and wear a mask before entering SOHO. To decrease a risk of spreading the virus, we strongly recommend to avoid bringing guests to SOHO premises and held meetings online or outside SOHO.

We would like to thank you for following procedures in order keep SOHO community safe.