SOHO Lunches: Plans, T&C, News & Updates

Price updates for SOHO Lunches from June 1st, 2021.

What are the newest prices for lunch plans?
Regular Menu:
  • Daily – 13 Tokens (13 euro / lunch);
  • Weekly plan – 50 Tokens (10 euro / lunch);
  • Monthly plan – 160 Tokens (7.60 euro/ lunch).
Vegan Menu:
  • Daily – 12 Tokens (12 euro / lunch);
  • Weekly plan – 45 Tokens (9 euro / lunch);
  • Monthly plan – 140 Tokens (6.60 euro/ lunch).

1 Token = 1 euro, VAT is included.

How do I book my lunch plan?

Book your monthly or weekly lunch plan with your office administrator at the reception.

How do I pay?

You pay at the reception with your Office Administrator.

Payment can be done by tokens, credit card, or added to the company invoice.

Do I need to renew my Monthly plan?

No, it runs on a subscription bases. It will be renewed automatically every month.

You can stop your subscription at any time at the reception as long as it is before the start of the month.

Weekly plan has to be renewed manually at the reception on weekly bases.

Can I book my plan in the middle of the month / week?

Monthly plan starts from the 1st of the month (calendar month), however members are able to book a monthly lunch option during the middle of the month. If booked during the middle of the month, the monthly subscription will run until the end of the current month and continue until it is canceled. But in this case, cancellation is only possible at the end of the following month. That means you need to have a subscription until the end of the current month, plus full following month (see example below).

Example: If you want to buy a Monthly plan from January, 20 your plan will  run until February, 28 at least.

Weekly plan starts on Monday, but if you want to start it in the middle of the week, your plan will run at least until the end of the following week. That means you will have lunch in the remaining days of the current week and at least one full following week (see example below).

Example: If you want to buy a Weekly plan from Wednesday your plan will  run at least until Friday of the following week.


Can I pre-book a daily lunch?

Yes, members can pre-book your daily lunch at the reception at least one day in advance.

How do i book lunch on the same day?

You should always pre-book your lunch, but if you forgot you can always ask the Chef if he has extra lunch for you. It has to be paid at the reception before the lunch.

Do we have a vegan option?

Yes, we have a Vegan Menu available.

Can my lunch be packed as Take Away?

Yes, we can pack it as Take Away.

What’s included in the lunch (regular & vegan)?
  • Starter
  • Main dish
  • Dessert (mostly healthy)
  • Fruit Infused Water / Home-made Iced Tea of the day

Terms & Conditions:
  1. Members can assign another person to their weekly or monthly plan.
  2. Unused daily, weekly, or monthly plans CAN NOT be carried over, however it is allowed to give the lunch to another SOHO member in your absence. 
  3. On public holidays the kitchen is closed and it is NOT possible to carry over these days.
  4. Weekly and Monthly plans should be purchased prior to the commencement of a new week or month.
  5. It is possible to start a plan in the middle of a period, however in this case your subscription will run at least until the end of the following period.
  6. Only members who have weekly plans, monthly plans, or pre-booked and pre-paid daily lunch are guaranteed that there will be food available on the day.
  7. Lunch on the day can be ordered if there are extra portions left. Please confirm with the Chef and pay prior the lunch at the reception. 
  8. Purchase of weekly and monthly plans have to be made at the reception (by card, tokens, or added to the company invoice).
  9. Daily lunch has to be pre-ordered one day in advance and paid at the reception.
  10. Inviting clients or others for lunch is possible, but it has to be purchased at latest a day in advance (at the reception).

Enjoy your meal 🙂 and if you have any questions, please speak to your office administrator.

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