Complete Guide to Working in Malta

Going to live in a new country is a beautiful and exciting experience. The reason to move to a new country always has varying motivations for individuals: a new job, family life, school, or lifestyle, are all powerful factors to justify making the move.

Choosing to move to Malta grants individuals an idyllic Mediterranean lifestyle; With more than 300 days of sun year-round, a vibrant social scene, and a significant expat community, Malta boasts an ideal lifestyle for those considering moving to the island. As with any significant decision, it is important to do as much research as possible on your prospective new home, especially when moving for work reasons.

Locals & Culture

Located in the middle of the Mediterranean, Malta is located just 93km South from Sicily and 288km North from the Sahara, boasting a fusion culture of European and African influences.

The smallest of the EU states, Malta is home to expats from all over the world. Featuring a stable environment for families, a tropical Mediterranean destination for retirees, and an increasingly attractive space for freelance and digital nomads, Malta is exploding with opportunity.

Should you choose to learn the local language of Maltese, the language is a combination of Semitic and Romantic origin, making it tricky to learn if you are unfamiliar with the Arabic language. Luckily for Expats looking to work in Malta, the majority of the Maltese population speaks English to a degree, as well as an ever-growing Expat community, making it easier to adapt to Maltese life.

Work Visas & Permits

EU Citizens

If you are an EU/EEA/EFTA citizen, it is relatively straightforward to work in Malta. You are legally within your rights to obtain work in Malta without the requirement of a work visa.

Third Country Nationals

For third country nationals (TCNs) seeking work in Malta, there are two options:

  1. Malta Citizenship by Investment
  2. Work Visa (Single Permit)

Malta Citizenship by Investment

Should you have the funds available for this option, TCNs are able to invest into a citizenship program, approved by the European Union, for relocating to Malta for business or personal reasons. This investment is quite time and financially consuming, often taking months of processing, while also being quite competitive.

Work Visa (Single Permit)

In order to receive a Single Permit, TCNs must find an employer willing to apply on their behalf for the Single Permit, in order to work legally in Malta. This is a more feasible option for individuals as there are significantly lower fees, and typically takes anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to process.

What is required for TCN to apply for a work permit?

Salary & Taxes in Malta

The minimum starting salary in Malta is noted as €19,390 per annum. Salaries in Malta drastically vary depending on which sector you work in; For example, those working in the booming Gambling sector can expect starting salaries from around €22,000 per annum. *Annual wages depend on the company as well as the individual, and could be subject to change.

Malta is well known for having a highly desirable taxation system; Both residency and marital status are taken into account in Malta’s tax system. Therefore, it is essential to research which tax system your status will fall under in order to gauge how much income needs to be made to live comfortably in Malta.

Individual Taxation

Persons who are ordinarily resident and domiciled in Malta are subject to income tax in Malta on their worldwide income and certain capital gains. Individuals who are neither domiciled nor ordinarily residents of Malta are subject to pay tax in Malta on any income made in the country, as well as any foreign income received in Malta. Foreign capital gains are waived from Maltese income tax in this scenario.

Individuals who are a temporary resident of Malta are not entitled to pay tax on income or capital gains earned outside of Malta, even when transferred into Malta. Individuals in this scenario are only due to pay tax on income earned in Malta.

Singles Tax Rates

Taxable income (€) Rate (%)
up to 9,100 0
9,101 – 14,500 15
14,501 – 60,000 25
60,001 and over 35


Individuals should seek guidance from local accountants or financial advisers for guidance on their tax requirements.

Married Status Taxation

Malta allows individuals with married status to file joint tax returns, with the income of the partners aggregated for taxation on global income. Interestingly, resident Married individuals can opt to be taxed on an individual basis as per the above rates.

Married Tax Rates

Taxable income (€) Rate (%)
up to 12,700 0
12,701 – 21,200 15
21,201 – 60,000 25
60,001 and over 35

Corporate Tax Rates

Malta’s corporate tax is a fixed rate of 35% whether set up locally or abroad, with full imputation systems when applying for dividends.

As per Endevio, “A company incorporated in Malta is, for tax purposes, ordinarily resident and domiciled in Malta. That company would, accordingly, be taxed in Malta on a worldwide basis. On the other hand, a company incorporated outside Malta may be resident in Malta (but not ordinarily resident and domiciled in Malta) if its business is controlled and managed in/from Malta. Such a company would, as a result, be liable to tax in Malta:

  • On all chargeable income earned in or derived from Malta;
  • On all chargeable gains realized in Malta;
  • On all chargeable income arising outside Malta to the extent that such income is remitted to Malta.”

Read more on Corporate Tax Rates in Malta

Work conditions in Malta

Maltese workers receive favorable benefits while employed on the islands. The typical Maltese worker has a work week of 40 hours (Monday – Friday with office hours from 8am – 5pm), with Saturday & Sunday off. Of course, depending on which sector you work in, these hours and work days are subject to change.

By Maltese law, workers are entitled to a minimum of 26 holiday leave days per year, 14 public holidays annually, 14 days of sick leave per year, 14 paid weeks of Maternity leave for women and 4 weeks unpaid leave, totalling 18 weeks of maternity leave.

Employees are often given a six-month probationary period, granting the employer or employee the ability to terminate the employment without any notice period required. Once passing the probationary period, the termination notice period varies for how long you work within the company.

Health Insurance in Malta

Any EU Nationals in Malta gain access to the free public health outlets as per EU law. TCNs working in Malta are required to purchase private healthcare when applying for a Work Visa (Single Permit), granting private insurance for their first year. TCNs who subscribe to National Insurance are able to access free, public healthcare – however it is important to know your rights when in such a situation.

Maltese Economy & Job Market

When joining the European Union in 2004, Malta adopted the Euro as its official currency nationwide. In recent years, Malta’s economy has been steadily strengthening due to the massive iGaming sector, as well as the aviation and shipping sectors. Unemployment has remained relatively low even throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, with only 4.09% in 2020.

Many expats relocating to Malta are coming to work in the iGaming sector, Finance, and IT markets, as the demand for workers continues to surge.

Expats live mainly in the following areas:

These localities provide various outlets which attract expats to its center; quieter, school areas like Swieqi, Mosta, and Pembroke are ideal for expat families. St. Julian’s, Sliema, and Gzira are bustling business centers, attracting expats seeking a quicker pace of life.

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