How much does it cost to rent an office space in Malta?

Business-focused individuals are increasingly flocking to Malta to take advantage of the pristine Mediterranean weather and laid-back lifestyle, while reaping the rewards of the multiple entrepreneurial advantages the small island nation provides modern businesses.  Are you considering Malta to start your new business? Before a business owner opts to start a business in Malta, it’s […]

How to Choose the Right Office Space?

Many factors go into choosing the right office space: Business owners need to first evaluate what their non-negotiable business needs are from a workspace before securing an office space. Does your business require an open-plan workspace, where your employees can collaborate with ease? Or do you require closed workspaces, segregating your employees by the department […]

Best Places to Work from in Malta

One of the perks of being a freelancer or remote worker lies in the ability to be in control over where in the world you want to work. Your choice of location ultimately depends on an environment that will best contribute to your inspiration, productivity, creativity, and overall well-being. Let us introduce Malta: An island […]

Office Space in Malta: All you Need to Know

There are many factors that go into running a successful business. From managing finances, overseeing business operations, promoting creativity, and providing a great service, spending time and resources managing all the small details of your office space in Malta can be very time-consuming and take away from the things that really matter: your business operations. […]

What is a coworking desk and where to find one in Malta?

The wave of flexible work requirements during the pandemic has revolutionized the traditional concept of office space. The ‘new normal’ has increased the demand for a flexible and affordable modern office space solution that meets the needs of today’s innovative minds. More than just a trend, coworking spaces are an example of modern office space […]

What is a Fully Serviced Office Space?

As the world begins to transition back into office-based work as the Covid-19 pandemic withers, the way we work has changed forever: The demand for an alternative workspace solution is of high value in today’s world. Serviced office spaces are a flexible workspace solution used by business owners seeking the utmost flexibility from a workspace […]

What does serviced office mean?

Serviced office spaces are a flexible workspace solution for companies of all sizes. These unique spaces provide comfortable work environments that can accommodate any needs your business may have. At any stage of development, companies should consider serviced office space solutions as an alternative workspace to the conventional commercial office space. Serviced office spaces optimize […]

How to Organize Your Office Space at Home ?

The large shift to Work-From-Home due to the Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in millions of office workers now spending the majority of their workday out of the comfort of their own homes. Working from home surely has its perks: cutting out the daily commute to and from the workplace, taking a meeting via Zoom in […]

Complete Guide to Working in Malta

Going to live in a new country is a beautiful and exciting experience. The reason to move to a new country always has varying motivations for individuals: a new job, family life, school, or lifestyle, are all powerful factors to justify making the move. Choosing to move to Malta grants individuals an idyllic Mediterranean lifestyle; […]

What is a Coworking Space?

In general, a coworking space is a neutral workspace where groups of people work independently within the same space. Sometimes, but not often, a coworking space can consist of a group of individuals working together on the same project in a neutral workspace. Coworking spaces are like conventional office space environments, but with a twist: […]